We were born as a robust and reinforced transport and logistics company with the desire to offer a personalized service of the highest quality to our clients.


RL Transports Logistics S.L. was consolidated in 2018, when several local companies in Barcelona and an important group of autonomous transporters decided to join the project led by Raul Lopez, after 20 years of joint collaborations.

Our human team is made up of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the logistics and transport sector. A young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team with the mission of satisfying the needs of all our clients. At RL Transports logistics, we take our work very seriously. All our shipments are geolocated in real time. We differentiate ourselves by offering a personalized service to our clients.


We grow together.

We make sure that our network of collaborators perceive us as a company that contributes to the improvement of their businesses


Our objective is to create collaboration networks both in the transport sector and in logistics operations in order to give the highest quality to all our services. Our headquarters are strategically located to guarantee the needs of our clients.


Our mission is to become a strategic partner that provides fast, flexible and effective solutions to your needs. We want our network of collaborators to perceive us as a company that contributes to the improvement of their businesses. We grow together. 


Our strenght is the knowledge of the sector. Always at the forefront of the latest trends and developements.


Our vision is to be much more than a transport and logistics company. We add value to our processes, we take care of them and offer advice and knowledge.